To get the very best from your candle there are some very easy care instructions you can follow.....

Always allow your candle melt pool to reach the edge of your candle container, so burn your candle for at least 2 hours each time, this will prevent tunnelling.

Always keep your wick trimmed to 4mm to prevent your flame being to high

Try not too burn your candle for any longer then 4 hours as the melt pool will become to deep and limit the life of your candle

* Wooden wicks once lit  have a beautiful atmospheric crackle and have a slightly higher flame

* Keep your wooden wick trimmed to a length of 4 to 5mm if you lose the wick (drowning in moulten wax) extinguish the flame and safely pour off the moulten wax and then you can safely relight.

Light your candle & enjoy the beautiful scents and sensations of your soy wax candle

How to get the best from your soy wax candle

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