My Story

Hi my name is Emma and I started my soy wax candle making business from home in 2015. I care very deeply about animals and the environment. I completed an animal conservation degree and wanted to incorporate my ethics and lifestyle with my business. I have purposely sourced the highest quality scents they are not tested on animals nor do they contain any animal derivatives, so they are cruelty free and they are vegan you can chose beautifully scented candles and shop with a conscience.

I chose soy wax so that I could be confident, when burning my candles, that they were not producing carcinogenic and harmful toxins.

I hand pour all my candles and melts. I care about the environment which is why my candle containers are recycled and my carbon footprint is reduced as I only use local suppliers for my products.


I would love for you to try my candles and I promise you will not be disappointed. 

  Thank you, Emma x

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